Online marketing solutions for business

Potential customers are searching for your products, right now. Online marketing will help you get found by the most important customer – the one already interested in your product or service.

Web Analytics

How do we know if online marketing is working?

A quality web analytics program is essential to measure the success of your website and whether customers are finding what they want online. Springkeeper uses Google Analytics; it is free and easy to use; it will tell you how customers find your site, what they do once they’re on your site, and what search terms they use to find your site. Monitoring analytics and recommending site changes is the basis for a successful online campaign.

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SEO improves a website so it appears in search results for a term or phrase you want. Optimizing a web site for search engines involves dozens of variables, described below. Springkeeper can design a custom package for your company that employs some or all of these facets, according to your budget and priorities.

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Competitive Analysis

Would you like to know how well your competitors are doing online? One of the best strategic tools to start with is to find out the following about your competitors’ websites:

• Keywords they are targeting
• Daily ad budgets
• Organic keywords they rank for
• Inbound and Outbound links

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Keyword Research

“We want our site to show up really high in Google.”

Okay, great. For what phrase?


Many companies use words and phrases on their website that are industry-standard terms, but not terms customers use. Keyword research finds the terms your potential clients use most when searching for your products and services.

Our extensive set of tools and research experience will discover these terms, and then through search engine optimization, optimize your content to include these terms on your site.

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Online Advertising

Online advertising can yield immediate results; you get your message in front of people all over the web right away. Online advertising can all provide valuable data into which keywords are most effective in sending qualified leads to your website.

One big part of online advertising is pay per click or PPC.

With Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, you can:
• Target people actively looking for what you sell
• Measure exactly your return on ad spend (ROAS)
• Only pay for people expressing interest by clicking on your ad
• Make budget changes daily, or even hourly
• Test different messages, products, offers – as much as you want!

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User Experience Design

Also called User Centered Design, usability, or customer experience, UED ensures that customers will find what they are looking for on your site. Many methods and techniques are involved in User Experience Design, but the first step is understanding your customers and their goals and objectives.

Designing your site with the customer’s goal in mind is essential to converting website traffic to leads and sales.

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