SMB Website Review

Actionable data you can give to your web team to increase traffic to your site, instantly

Do you know who is coming to your website? Do you want to improve how many customers you get from your web presence? Springkeeper will research your website, your industry, and produce a website audit that you can use right away to bring in more leads and sales. This report will tell you :

  • who is linking to you and how strong their links are
  • page strength – what pages are strongest, according to the search engines?
  • technical aspects, such as broken links, spammy links, internal linking, website structure issues
  • what search engines think of your content – we analyze items such as headers, body text, alt text, meta tags, and title tags
  • what keywords customers are using to find your website, and recommend better-performing keywords that will bring in better-qualified customers
  • if your site shows up on search engines when customers look for your business locally?
  • who your competitors are online, and if they are outperforming your site (competitive analysis)

After the initial review, we will make recommendations that you can give to your web team to implement that will improve your site.

Some examples:

  • Analytics – we will recommend a software package that will help you measure your website’s effectiveness
  • Technical aspects – canonicalization, duplicate content, redirects, flash vs html, dynamic URLS
  • Keywords – we will recommend up to ten keywords or keyphrases that you are not currently targeting but which will drive qualified customers to your site
  • Content – how to best implement the keywords and keyphrases into your existing site so more customers will find you online
  • Best practices – We will recommend general procedures for when you make changes to your site – how to create new content, when to create new pages, who link to, how to get quality links

You will receive a one-hour presentation where we will review the presentation and spreadsheet that outlines our findings and recommendations.

Contact Springkeeper to learn more.

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