How Social Media can help you when a big bully comes knocking

by Scott on October 22, 2009

This is an intriguing story about how Hansen, the Monster energy drink people, tried to lawyer-up the good brewery folks at Rock Art Brewery, who named their new barleywine beverage Vermonster. If you can use social media to your benefit (read: be honest, state the facts, ask for help), you can hold these corporate nimrods in check.

“He was advised by five copyright lawyers, he told me, that even though the law was on his side, Hansen would inevitably squeeze him in a war of attrition until he either had to shut his doors or stop selling Vermonster. But with help from Facebook, YouTube, and the Associated Press, Nadeau hoped to drum up enough negative PR for Monster that it will become unprofitable for them to keep fighting. Two of the largest beverage retailers in Vermont pulled Monster from their shelves, and stores as far away as Connecticut joined in the boycott. At the time of this writing, their YouTube video, “Matt and the Monster,” has just over 63,000 views.”

via In Beer Battle, Internet Beats Goliath – The Atlantic Food Channel.

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